TwinTalk - the low cost solution for your business phone at home

Add TwinTalk to your existing home BT phone line to provide a new connection and number for your home based working. TwinTalk's “virtual line” provides you with the following features:

Two phone numbers One for your home phone and one for your business phone.

BT Call Sign Routing BT’s Call Sign service lets you have two telephone numbers on your phone line and with TwinTalk you can choose which phone will ring when each number is called. Calls to your home number connect to the phone in your family room, calls to your business number ring the telephone in your home office.

GuardCall Ensures that only your home phone will answer calls to your home number, and only your office phone can answer calls to your business number. TwinTalk makes sure that your kids cannot answer calls from your business colleagues or customers. Keep your home number private and personal with TwinTalk.

You can only have one ongoing call at any time, but if your line is busy on a business call when someone is trying to call your home number, then you can use the free BT Answer 1571 service to take a voicemail message.

Save hundreds of £££s

With BT's December price rise TwinTalk saves you even more money. A new second residential line from BT for your home working will cost up to £30.00 to install with a monthly rental fee of £14.60.

TwinTalk provides a line and number for your home office phone and costs just £44.99 to buy. BT Call Sign costs no more than £3.15 per month.

Compared with a new dedicated BT line for your home office you can save over £122 in the first year and £137 every other year.

All prices include VAT and are current at 06/01/12




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